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Comment: I've dated a conservative who

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I've dated a conservative who

I've dated a conservative who voted for Bush, and I'm married to a liberal (who leans libertarian) who voted for Obama.

It's much easier to talk to my wife then it was with the girl I was with before. And I was with her for three years. Granted, we almost NEVER talk politics not because we don't agree but because she really doesn't care. But by and large when we do talk, she tends to agree with my sentiments. I really guess it just depends if they are more of the sheep who just vote Democrat or Republican and parrot the lines they hear from whatever news source they get, or if they are more independently minded but still vote Democrat or Republican more because they dislike the other much more, and refuse to vote third party. My wife is very independent and only votes Democrat because she just really doesn't like Republicans (but she would have voted for Ron Paul, however she didn't want to register Republican to vote for him in the primary in California).

liberty lover in Nor Cal!