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Comment: Wow!

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That is one hell of a slip up!

Almost to good to be true, it leaves a trail of Crumbs all the way to the Special Activities Division.

But, it appears to be legitimate to me.

" C:\SharePoint012USNCSSAD_Wrkc9inet-N-7339.tx​t "

SAD is the covert action arm of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, they are responsible for covert paramilitary and political action (these are also the guys responsible for carrying out coups).

This is right up their alley.

I highly doubt its just a hoax by some forum user.

It appears from the quoted text the poster was attempting to report that either he or a compatriot had their cover blown, and accidentally put this text in the message field in a reply.

Perhaps it was the last thing he had copied, and he pasted it thinking he was pasting something else.

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