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You are politically correct, collect your prize.. and the prize.. "drum roll", you can go sit beside these fine people representing your freedom, "trumpets please", the ones who care about your personal liberty.. Graham, McCain, Bush\Obama and the not so forgotten, Ted Kennedy. And upon claiming the prize you will be awarded with The NAFTA Superhighway Pendant and Token, good for one free-ride to Camp FEMA.. sorry, which camp is not of your choosing.

And, once again, thank you and congrats.

As to "Mexican" being an actual race, well, that is argumentative.

Who did you say that you are working for? Once again, please?

*Lest I forget, Welcome to "The North American Union", Welcome to "The New World Order", so-called. Thank you for your service.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Dick Cheney, thanks you and others members of the organization, as does The Fed and associates. Hilary and Bill Clinton, "Big Daddy Bush" thanks you.. have a good day.