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You rand haters remind me of

You rand haters remind me of the mob that killed Plato after he defended the generals against the mob when they were unable to save the fleet from a very nasty storm.

1. Lame and untrue. He's not a neocon or zionist just because he believes like his father, that radical islam is dangerous. Remember which of the two were in a position to vote for the authorization of force... and did. It wasn't Rand.

2. You twist things as usual, like the mob in greece again. He said that in response to people who said we must default or raise the debt ceiling. He was showing the false choice. You're just false.

3. Hey guess what... just like his father, again.

Too bad you're just a reactionary who's a libertarian to be different and not because you actually know what's going on. :/

The other choice is that you are intelligent but a liar. I don't think you're either though. I think you just so old that libertarian was counter culture when you were in your 20's and that's the only reason you are libertarian. Now that Rand is making it 'cool' and mainstream, you're pissed.