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Comment: They are if they are acting as surrogates for China and Russia

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They are if they are acting as surrogates for China and Russia

Remember the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me?" The villain had a supertanker that "captured nuclear submarines". China Ocean Shipping has one of the largest shipping fleets in the world. Converting one of their container ships or supertankers into a "floating submarine pen" to carry a half dozen or more midget subs would not be nearly as expensive as converting the subs to nuclear power. The submarines could be deployed at sea a hundred or so miles from their target and those midget subs could sit on station for at least a month without refueling their diesels. The US cities on Kim's target map are accessible by water except Austin, Texas, and Austin could be a deliberate misdirection; I think Kim's real target is the port of New York, specifically the United Nations Building or Wall Street. Besides, drug cartels have also purchased those midget submarines; so, what better way to smuggle drugs from China and the Golden Triangle that using a cargo ship carrying midget subs. Too "James Bond" for you? I hope you are right.