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Comment: Rand aint his Dad

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Rand aint his Dad

Dr Paul made a material impact on my life as man, husband and father. I will be eternally thankful for his example.

That said, I am sure Rand watched his father, close up and personal, stand against the tide for all those years. In some ways you could make a credible argument that dad did not accomplish much in the end.

Over those years I am sure Rand had ideas about different strategies that would have been more effective. As a Senator, he can execute on those ideas about promoting limited govt, the constitution, and getting what he considers "more" done.

I respect Rand and will focus on the fruits of his labor. I will reserve judgement until he has completed a term.

I may be blinded by the respect I have for Dr Paul but I cannot believe his son will not do the right thing, as he understands it, for more than not.


PS. Go Rand

Liberty = Responsibility