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Comment: I do not understand your generation.

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I do not understand your generation.

I'm over 60 years old and fat and I still have hot women flirting with me, some as young as their twenties. Meanwhile, my much younger, better looking friends can't get a date.

The best place to find women is on a college campus, preferably a student union or library. Strike up a conversation over the book they or reading one you are (use a demographic poll to find out what woman are reading and familiarize yourself with the book, including the author. There are plenty of college libraries and student centers that do not card you. Coffee shops in bookstores are great, too.

The next best place is some hobby club, especially dancing or hot cars.

Singles clubs are good, but you are as likely to find someone just as screwed up as you are. Sports bars are also pretty good, as long as the music is not too loud to hear each other talk. However, avoid "breastraunts," such as Hooters. Too many distractions.

If you are doing something you enjoy, even if you do not score, you will still have a good time.

Finally, avoid politics unless you are penned down. Too many disagreements, even if someone labels themselves the same as you and those kinds of discussions are very unsexy.