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I'm upset at you because you

I'm upset at you because you can't grasp what I am saying.

I don't care what guys do because they're not in my market and those types of guys would be taking the females I don't desire off the market.

I'm not up in arms at anything. I simply stated what I am looking for and then a get a bunch of assholes telling me it's wrong that I look for certain things that it's judgmental, wrong, and angry, and that it's really some emotional weakness I have. What I am hearing from you is just a bunch of neo-liberal nonsense if you ask me. I never said I felt controlled by any female or that they make me feel dirty. I simply don't want one who tries to control me.

Please don't talk to me anymore if you can't grasp what I am trying to say. I am long past the end of my line of patience with you and I can tell you are just trying to provoke me at this point. It sounds like you are some feminist who thinks the male world should bend over backwards for and accept sluts. Put me on your block list or something.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.