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Get on a Jury

Talk to someone who has been on a Jury.

It may help to gain some experience with the concept of jury attendance, as if to say, hey, I may be required, as if having a duty, to attend one of these types of things.

Who knows what may be behind those doors?

In Waco The Big Lie II, I think, I don't remember, but I can look for it, there was a reference made by Linda Thomson concerning evidence having to do with weapons being used on the targets in Waco. There was an imported expert from Russia, flown in, to help with the testing of these alleged weapons.

I picked that out since there must have been documentation concerning that particular Russian person, flying in, on a plane, and not just a tourist wandering into Waco, with a suit case full of clothes, hair care products, and a tooth brush. Real stuff, here, here, here, and a real person here, and a plane ticket, and some means by which the person in question is contacted, asked to attend, an agreement to attend, and even a measure of compensation, who knows, the Russian is hired to do the job, or Mr. Clinton hires the Russian to do the Job, or I don't know, but I want to know, since this is my Jury Trial, I want to know if the deal was a case of charity, or an equitable exchange, like you rub my back, and I'll rub your back.

The Russian finds out how the weapon works on babies, pregnant mothers, etc., and so does Mr. Clinton.

So, Mr. Clinton, what were you thinking?

He takes the 5th?

He can be trusted to tell the truth?

If the buck stops there, then what?

I'll ask you, fellow Juror, what is the sentence?

My suggestion will be to order another trial on the guy, having to do with the Oil for Food Program, after this trial, where his guilt is found, the buck stops, or doesn't stop at Mr. Clinton, and we, you and I decide on a punishment, a fine, removal of his Golden Parachute, some time in the same Jail that the survivors whose crime was to not die in the fire, what?

If we want to try the Oil for Food "program" (read: pogrom) case, then I'll suggest deporting, actually the words is "extradite" the criminal to Iraq, face those jurors, on the same charge.

You know "Extraordinary Rendition"?

Would that be inappropriate? Would that be a cruel and unusual punishment for me, or you, as a Juror to sentence Mr. Clinton to extradition in the case of torture and mass murder for profit of millions of babies in Iraq, so as Mr. Clinton can face those survivors of that pogrom?

What power, in a legal sense, according to the Law of the Land in this Country, does a juror wield?

If we can't accuse Mr. Clinton of torture and murder of babies for profit, which he is most certainly guilty of doing, beyond a reasonable doubt, then there is no Law in this country other than the color of law, dictators law, criminals law, on that National, Monopoly, well funded, level.

So maybe Mr. Clinton is untouchable, one of the untouchables, in a legal sense, above the law of your State.

So should we tailor fit the exercise to be a hypothetical new Waco occurring at the moment, this morning, there on Television, more of the same NEWS, down your street, down my street, somewhere in the middle, happening to our peers?

Suddenly, unexpectedly, in our faces, and much too close to home, while we are so poorly prepared to react in any way, let alone a reasonable way.

Call out the National Guard?

Call 911?

You tell me.

What is the answer you require from Mr. Clinton as you ask your question in this trial we construct for our mutual benefit?