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I live in TN for many

I live in TN for many reasons. All my family now lives here of course, there is NO state income tax(roads are kept up with a $10 per year tire tax charged when you register your car). Its a mild climate and has great scenary. Its fairly easy to find a job.
I used to live in upstate NY for about a year....I have lived half a dozen places over the years and upstate NY was the most miserable hopeless place I have ever lived. I searched for six months and the only job I could find was as a gas station clerk, part time. It seemed almost everyone was poor, at least the average person.NY then had the gall to have an income tax and reduce my already pathetic paycheck. It was a beautiful place to live and the housing was cheap(no one could afford it otherwise). My determination before getting the hell out of dodge was the only thing NY was good for was to visit..maybe own a cabin in the mountains for a summer getaway. I left there and went down to FL...another great place to live with no state income tax...before winding up in TN