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Social security has been a

Social security has been a scam from day one. The original calculations had most people never collecting a dime. The government courts ruled FICA a tax and social security a welfare program. Both subject to change whenever congress feels like changing them. There are no property rights to social security funds. It's a big hunk of your income going up in smoke every year. Remember, both halves of social security was taken out of your productivity, your labor. Even though the other half doesn't appear on your statements or check stubs it is still your earnings.

The social security 'trust fund' is spent ordnance spread across south east asia and the middle east amongst other wastes of government. They spent it. It's gone. It's a pile of IOUs from one wing of the government to another. How will they pay them? By taxing us again.

People decided to trust a bunch of people who by their very nature are largely con-men and thieves with a retirement fund. How else would it come out?