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Comment: "they" are probably the same

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"they" are probably the same

"they" are probably the same people who prospered by enacting the FED and every other Central bank which is now intertwined with each-other through the IMF, World Bank, and BIS. Also, the same people who own the 5 major corporations in the world which own 97% of all media worldwide including all textbook companies. These are the same families, Trusts, and Corporations which gave us the Eugenics experiments here in the US, and created the Abortion movement to eliminate the minorities and undesirables from existence. These are the same people who financed Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and others throughout history. However, that is just my guess as to what the commenter was referring to "they." The "us" would be those who for one reason or another oppose the "they."

As an aside, while I do understand that the "us" and "they" houses -within those terms- ambiguity, so does "The Market" as an answer for those which question how certain things would be provided in an anarchist society.