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Open-minded ones who love

Open-minded ones who love honesty. I was brought up in a Conservative home and was never a liberal but do have tendencies to save puppies and kittens (if you want to call that liberal..ha ha) but most start out in something other than libertarian ideas but are smart enough not to allow others to direct their paths and thoughts. I didn't become a libertarian type overnight and never voted strictly along party lines. I've voted Republican, Independent, Constitution Party, Democrat (only one time though... ha ha...and realize it was a mistake..........AND NO IT WAS NOT OBAMA), and Libertarian. They usually are women who are open-minded. They'd much rather have a man who is intelligent enough to not follow the sheep (shows strength) than have some "plastic" person who thinks they've all got it all figured out when they aren't even willing to look at the different possibilities. Anyway, that's my two cents.