Comment: I thought it was just me and

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I thought it was just me and

I thought it was just me and was getting ready to log off & back on to see if it would fix itself. I have already rebooted my computer this morning because I couldn't vote on anything.

I am getting the validation error as well. I have figured it had something to do with links so I have been adding a blank space before and after the link and then hitting save again and then the comment gets accepted.

Except for recently, I actually had to take the subject line out of my comment before it would load.

Oh well, I thought it was just me. Guess others are having the issue as well.

Oh and it just happened with this comment with no link at all so I have deleted the subject line to see if it will fix itself and save.

Have tried a couple more times to no avail. So I have reloaded the page and am trying again to save this comment.