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Comment: Person over politics

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Person over politics

My advice would be to find someone who is honest, kind, intellectually curious, humble, rational, and virtuous and not worry about worldview. ESPECIALLY if you are in your twenties or younger, most people don't even have a sensible political vocabulary until they are older anyways.

- Find common ground
- Listen and appreciate her rational for her ideas
- Be curious, humble, and gracious. Be a good listener.
- Be fully versed in the reasoning behind lefty/righty worldviews in a way that is honest and shows that you understand where they come from at emotion, moral, utilitarian and historical level (us libertarians have to study harder than everybody else)
- Explain ideas as preferences and opinions
- Share books and media with a smile if you must

If you talk to just about anybody, they all don't like wars, they don't trust banks, they appreciate civil liberties, they are compassionate towards the sick and poor, they know that food should be safe and plentiful, they mostly don't think cannabis should be illegal, they don't like the prison system, on and on. So much in common!!

- Yell at everybody and call them stupid
- Let a 'libertarian identity' make you a bully or blowhard
- Forget that the point isn't to be a libertarian, but to be happy
- Assume that you have to change everybody's mind in the next 15 minutes
- Get upset and nasty when debating; we're all powerless anyways to change anything. Smile. Relax.

Just my opinion!

Creds: I've been married to my libertarian-leaning wife for 15 years.

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