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Comment: We know a female EXXON ENGINEER

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We know a female EXXON ENGINEER

...and we were SHOCKED last night that she was marrying a guy that works in a BICYCLE SHOP! Now, she is a RP girl, attractive, a wee bit overweight, but that's EASILY overcome, especially with her looks! But, wow, are you kidding me? You need to start associating with the people. We are BABY BOOMERS and we know a LOT of people!

Quit wasting your TIME with liberals! Who cares if they're good-looking. If they're narrow-minded and brainwashed, forget them!!

We need you young guys to start hooking up with MORAL GIRLS. Yes, attraction is good, but it's WAY overrated by the Media & Hollywood. Find someone who believes the way you do & settle down with her. She'll be A LIFETIME COMPANION, not some fly by night girl who dumps you later for some other idiot.

Some of you believe in GOD. So, go to your nearest Catholic Church and start attending their youth functions & join a youth group or ask about one. Pick a good neighborhood, because most of these girls are BRIGHT and come from GOOD FAMILIES!!