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to be committed to putting God first and our neighbor next--


I had a friend at work who was a black gal. She and I were good friends. One time she told me when she was a little girl that a lady dropped a coin and she bent down to pick it up for the lady and the lady stepped on her fingers and said something about her being black and stealing the money. It broke my heart. I do not think that white people in America understand what it feels like to be singled out because of color or race.

I asked that friend one time why when ever black people see each other they all know each other or even when they don't they are friends. She said it was because it is like family. I think that must be neat to immediatelly have affinity with someone because of color or race...probably happens in a minority situation.

Anyways, thank you for talking with me about the Jewish situation. I linked an article somewhere in this post. It spoke about Jewish People and Social Sciences. I found myself identifying with the writer of the letter. I wish the replies could have been more specific. But they did answer some questions for me.

Oh and did I tell you I want to church with my friend one Sunday. I absolutely loved the experience and would have loved to be a member there, but we already had our own church to attend. We lived in Texas then. I was surprised one time to hear him on the radio here in Missouri. I was homesick one day and tuned in to our old Christian radio station.

Anways, that was more than I intended on saying, I just went on and on.