Comment: Lets play devils advocate

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Lets play devils advocate

Let's play devils advocate. Fear is a population control mechanism, right? The more fear we feel, the less likely we will rebel. Homeland security knows that fear is their most important tool because there is more of us than there are of them (the US military is barely 0.5% of the population). So they can't hire enough people who will want to attack their own kin to control us. Even if they disarm us, we are invincible if we can organize, use our divine creativity and control our fear (civil disobedience is one option as Gandhi has shown us). All they can manage is to control certain cities. Pat Robertson, acting as our advocate, may just be there to help create the fear they need.

Full Disclosure - I don't plan on taking any stands unless more than 20% of my local countrymen wake-up, which I don't see happening, ever.