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Comment: Political Rock Opera

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Political Rock Opera

I'd love to co-write a Political Rock Opera stage production.

One that destroys the Elite Establishment and the false Left/Right Paradigm and the Banksters.

It would include songs like War Pigs (in a scene spoofed off of How I Learned to Love the Bomb meets Reefer Madness), Adele's 'Newt trashing' parody Someone Like Newt, the 'Get Money turn Gay' song with Vermin Supreme turning Rick Santorum gay etc.

A great comedy musical with George Carlin type rhetoric, plenty of live sheep, lotsa' War Drums beating, Rick Ellis singing 'Ron Paul', and a Drone rigged w/a Paintball Gun shooting at the audience and Ben Bernanke getting caught raping a sheep and the whole flock rapes him back.

Crazy fun stuff like that.

Working title: War, Gore and More

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul