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Comment: the truth of the matter is

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the truth of the matter is

that libertarian minded people in general are in short supply. Ask 20 people on the street about NDAA or HR 933, doesn't matter if they are a man or women only 1/20 will know what it is.

Trying to find a libertarian partner is going to be a challenge for any man or women, straight or gay.

Personally, the few politically active women I have been with have all been socialist/progressive statists. You used to be able to talk anti-war stuff with them. But now since obama is the number one murderer in town, you can't even do that. Now all political discussions with them end with me being told I hate women. Its amazing how so many women have become 1 issue voters in the last 2 presidential elections. I could even bring up that I support Gary Johnson who is pro choice, doesn't matter, still a women hater. I could even suggest Jill Stein of the Green party who is pro choice but they really want Obama. Cause he can talk good. lol