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Comment: I envy you most completely.

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I envy you most completely.

I miss swimming in lakes most dearly at times. Real ones and not these holes in the sand full of water we have in Arizona.

So. bunnies. My last (first) book stayed away from production completely just to retain some focus. And also because I really am not that great at growing things, in fact I stink. No idea why. Not like I don't keep trying.

But I have always done well with animals and they have always been just great to me. I love chickens. Not just in the culinary sense, I like them and it's too easy to feel love back from chickens, you are a ROCK STAR.

Bunnies I also love raising up and cycling through the process but they are considerably trickier than chickens. And I guess I know more than a bit I can tell you about raising them at scale.

What do you think I do a short ebook on bunnies? Besides their care and feeding and behavior and common maladies, the BREEDING SCHEDULE IS ABSOLUTELY PARAMOUNT WITH BUNNIES.

I also think bunnies in general are a great introduction to animal husbandry because they are small, relatively easily managed (can be aggressive, watch your hands) and you get used to thinking of each animal as requiring very specific care.

Yeah I love plants but since when can you play fetch with a tree? Bunnies are very interactive and you can actually play ball with them. And fickle. Bunnies like furniture and they like it JUST THAT CERTAIN WAY. Try to put everything back EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS when you clean their cages or they get wicked pissed and bunnies have oh so many ways to let you know they are ENRAGED with you.

Vocal? Think they are quiet do you? Heh. Just wait.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.