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I appreciate the reply but

I appreciate the reply but you are wrong on your assesment of my opinion, mainly because you came to your conclusion without any actual evidence or knowledge to my stance on the issue.
Should we not try to persuade people? Of course we should, and I've worked very hard at doing so. To assume that I don't care about the outcome of our elections is nonsense. The point is, our individual vote is just that, ours to give to those that we feel is best suited for the position. What you've said is that I shouldn't bother voting for the person I think is best for the job if I don't think they can win. Then why have we been supporting Dr. Paul for so long? Regardless of whether or not the person I vote for garnishes 1% or 100% of the vote, I vote for the person that I hope to win. By your reply I have to assume that you voted for Romney because of the potential outcome of the collective votes. But you didn't vote Romney did you? I will vote for the person that I want to win and everybody else should do the same, that's the point isn't it?
So, you're correct in your first paragraph but your completely off on the second. I've been supporting Dr. Paul since 2007. I've met him which was a great honor.I've gone so far as to have the R3volution logo tattooed on my arm. I've also been a member of my states Libertarian Party's executive committee and I'm still closely affiliated, as a matter of fact I'm hosting the next meeting. And yes, I voted for Gary Johnson knowing full well he wouldn't win, but either was Dr. Paul with a write in. So, what was I supposed to do in that situation? Write in Ron Paul knowing he wouldn't win which is the mental masturbation or feel good vote, or vote for GJ knowing he couldn't win because I felt he was a better candidate than Romney or Obama? Or should I have voted for Romney when I didn't want either of them to win? I chose to vote for the person I felt best suited for the job and I worked to progress the party that I'm affiliated with. I don't feel bad or wrong about doing so either. The only point that I was trying to convey is that a persons vote is theirs and theirs alone. No person or group is entitled to another persons vote.