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"without any actual evidence or knowledge to my stance"

I'm just going by what you said. You said who cares about how others vote. But how others vote is what determines the election outcome, correct? Therefore, if you don't care how others vote, it follows logically that you don't care about the outcome of the election. If that's not what you believe, then fine, but that's what you said. Chalk it up to miscommunication.

"What you've said is that I shouldn't bother voting for the person I think is best for the job if I don't think they can win."

I didn't say that. However, that is my opinion, more or less. Sometimes there is value in voting for a candidate even if you know he can't win - to make a statement of some kind. But, I consider that a last resort. For example, I voted for Gary Johnson in the general election, but only because there was no more viable alternative. But if you have the option of voting for a good liberty candidate with a chance to win, or a perfect liberty candidate with no chance to win, that's a no-brainer - don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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