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Comment: The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism G. Neuburger

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The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism G. Neuburger
It would be out of the question to publish all the utterances of Gedolei Yisroel [Torah authorities] during the last century, the period of the emergence of Zionism on the Jewish horizon, because all the Gedolei Yisroel sternly opposed the movement aimed at undermining the Jewish religion and the Jewish essence
[The Torah] forbids us to strive for the reunion or possession of the land by any but spiritual means Rabbi S. R. Hirsch
Not via our desire did we leave the land of Israel, and not via our power will we come back to the land of Israel.Rabbi S.D. Schneerson
[Zionists] want a state in order to make Jews into heretics.Rabbi C. Soloveichik The Zionists have attacked the center point of Judaism.Rabbi V. Soloveichik: