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Excellent comment, tpreitzel.

Excellent comment, tpreitzel. Insightful and on target. This issue, immigration, is a design and its purpose is nothing other, nothing less, than to enslave people residing in this country. To do that requires legality.

Removing not-of-the-State people or removing their status will be the door closing on freedom to work and move around the country without the federal government and its appendages state and local governments serving as one authority/permission granter to all humans in the US to work and travel. Government would be the Accepter or Denier of who is in the American society, yet another factor in the Can't-buy-sell-without-the-Mark-of-the-Beast apparatus, because purchases are the result of money which is the result of work. This removal will be the beginning of a long, dreary road to evident slavery. For some reason, many people, even many DPers, don't see this dynamic.

As I typed in a comment above, what's the point of this problem, why does it even exist and why has it gone on as long as it has? To NOT see this issue through the lens of freedom versus slavery is, at best, naive. After all, Americans have seen and been subject to this government created dynamic before. It's happened since before the days of the US Constitution.

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