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Comment: There are a lot of people who

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There are a lot of people who

There are a lot of people who believe a lot of differant things. If at times it tastes bad, try to remember that that is exactly what freedom is. The freedom to express thyself. Its not always pretty, its not nice all the time, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.

I make tons of anti-religeous posts, because I hate it and consider it early brainwashing that leads humanity into the habit of blindly accepting authrority and collectivism. That said, I would take 1 christian libertarian over x1000 athiest collectivists.

As was said above, the OP's topic seems to me 100% to be about pointing out the stupidity and hypocracy of christians taking a stand against homosexuals when they themselves are breaking nearly every other commandment in Leviticus (not to mention most of the top 10). You don't like gays, fine, but don't try to force your bigot "morals" onto others through law, and remember you are no angel yourself. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

I don't think the christians quite understand how much damage these authoritarian zealot stances they make are doing to us. Opposing other people's rights based on one cherry-picked offense in the bible is exactly the sort of thing that makes liberals who might be our allies on many fronts HATE us. Many liberals care far more about civil liberties than blowing money, and would happily join a libertarian leaning conservative if they didn't have the perception that we were all psychotic zealots who want to set up a Theocracy and persecute non-christians with biblical nonsense. It may seem like an exageration, but its how the right is often viewed by the left. I know, its what I believed before Ron Paul woke me up.

If we are to win, we need to drop the social conservative bullshit. Like a rock. Even some of my most staunch libertarian pals out here voted against gay marriage. It makes me so mad, esspecially when they are pissing all over the rest of god's commandments in Leviticus with nearly every aspect of their lives and behavior.

Talking to your pillow each night and going to a building with other delusional people on Sundays does not make you better, or deserving of more rights than homosexual citizens, or anyone else for that matter. You believe it pleases your god, and that should be enough. Feel free to try to persuade others to change their evil ways, but the moment you attempt to use the government as a club to force your will on others, you are an enemy of liberty.