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Assumptions, assumptions... You have to get past them

No. This is not socialism, not in the least. You're stuck on somehow controlling it into existence while I'm proposing that it will take place on its own.

Scarcity is absolutely most certainly NOT A FACT. Guaranteed, proven, period, point-blank. TODAY, scarcity is the only way things can exist but that is by design of the banks, not the natural market or any resource limit.

With 95% of everything made today going straight to the landfill in 6 months, you can get an idea of this problem. Stopping that waste would reduce resource use to 1/20th of current levels. Making things last 1 year instead would again double it. Making things last 20 years on average instead would reduce our resource use to 1/800th of current levels. I've done tons of research on this and my numbers actually show much greater gains, but I'll stick with that. So the resources only need to be used in a smart fashion, not abused for personal gain.

Your tragedy of the commons is actually much more illustrative of capitalist use of paid resources more than it is of the free ones. Which category are we running out of, Air/water or lithium/oil/helium? See what I mean?

I can assure you that energy will not be a problem, either in amount or in its pollution. The current energy crisis has been in play long enough now that, thanks to the internet, the real solutions are finally making their way to the table. I'm not talking about the mainstream ones but rather genuine solutions that apply to each region, last endlessly, are made from nothing but abundant resources, are recyclable and fairly cheap. In short, there are no downsides to them other than independent initial financing. These are the equivalent of today's refrigerators. By that I mean, they will become a fixture in every home from a single purchase and kill off the entrenched energy industries just like fridges killed the centralized ice market. They're just still trying to hash out their financing because the existing finance system wants them to keep energy monopolized against their wishes. Stay tuned.

The coincidence of wants arises from scarcity and the impulse toward hoarding. It doesn't come into play when there are too many cookies on the plate. This is an important concept so spend some time really trying to understand it. It supports most of the rest of this stuff.

In this game, money is nothing more than a placeholder for personal wealth (beyond the obvious medium of exchange). I'm only using this placeholder to represent overall personal wealth. The real abundance behind this is the personal wealth. The material goods, homes, cars, gold, cash, and future labor. All these things now bear much more fruit than they did way back in 2013 or so. The nominal value of the money can change all over the board because it doesn't matter. What will be happening is that wages will outstrip inflation by more than 5 times the rate that inflation has outstripped wages for the last 100 years. It's nothing more than a reversal in this trend.

And where does that wealth come from? Well, in the last century, the average worker has become 5 times as productive through the aid of external energy. At the same time, he's been robbed of 97% of the value of that labor through inflation. All I'm advocating it we remove that second part, either by making it happen or waiting decades to centuries more. It is the fruits of our now-technology-enhanced labor without the thievery of banking games of the last century that return us to abundance.