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Comment: It is. In order to believe

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It is. In order to believe

It is. In order to believe in god, you require a few things:

1) To be able to submit to authrority, and believe there are those who deserve to rule and own you.

2) You must be able to accept fantastical things as true without a shred of reasonable proof. Faith is exulted.

3) You have to believe that monarchy under the rule of a powerful authority figure with an absolute surveilance state is the greatest form of government possible.

These requirements, every Christian must have to be able to believe in god, even if they don't know it, or won't admit it. They also happen to be the exact same ingrediants that make up the collectivist mind.

Not all christians support earthly collectivism, however by accepting the christian religeon, they have prooved that their willingness to submit is simply a question of how much power. They may not bend the knee to an earthly king unless he displays power on par with their notion of god. They simply don't accept lesser rulers, such as mortal men. However I venture that given a powerful enough dictator with 100% surviellance and control systems, most collectivist minds would soon realize how much they "love" and "revere" their supreme leader. Absolute certainty of getting caught coupled with horrific consequences has a way of warping the human mind in all sorts of Orwelleon ways.

The collectivist mind will always be a limitation which holds back the individual. Traditionally its held back the entire human race, but things are changing. You're free to believe as you wish of course, and its my "belief" that you're belief's won't hold the rest of us back in the end. We will have a Libertarian golden age with or without you 100% on board. Of course you're still welcome to join in even if you're only partially on board and still maintain your belief in cosmic monarchy.