Comment: ...the market is freed when

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...the market is freed when

...the market is freed when labor competes on an even playing field.

Yes, but to believe that statement stands alone -- that it's without forces that created our circumstances, dire ones -- disregards how problems came about. You are aware of the forces that have created our problems, aren't you? Because I acknowledge the forces, I understand that if they aren't removed from our society, your word competes will be forced, thereby causing more subjugation of everyone NOT the forces.

On this issue, immigration and handouts, I ask questions, some of which are: why this problem; why hasn't it been resolved; and why is congress activity on this problem always pertain to the State monitoring (which transforms into controlling) the individual?

The answer couldn't be more apparent: slavery. That's why I said how I look at this issue is freedom versus slavery. Below our conversation is tpreitzel's comment. His (or her) comment, a good one and which I replied to, mentions the subject of the post, bio-identification.

PS. I too couldn't care less about who is here and who isn't. I commented that people would return to their cultures because humans live with or want to live with those they know and get along with, a desire achieved in culture.

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