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Comment: Why do you think anti semitism and anti zionism

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Why do you think anti semitism and anti zionism

are the same? Semites are peoples (Arabs included) that come from the Middle East. Father of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, was an Austro- Hungarian, European Jew, not a Semite.
European Jewery (Zionism) has made antisemitism an art form after selling out European Jews to the Zionist backed WW2 money making machine.
Spreading the lies of the so called Holocaust, (not to be confused with the shocking persecution of the Jews) no-one dared to speak out against Zionism stealing the homeland of Semitic Jews and the Palestinian population.
Whilst the Zionist led UN is dictating to elected world leaders, and waging war on the Middle East and North Africa, there will NEVER be liberty.
To achieve liberty you must RECOGNIZE YOUR ENEMY and destroy it.
Zionism IS the enemy of Liberty, the squeaky wheel that keeps shouting "antisemitism" at every opportunity it gets!