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Comment: Wish Soc. Stud. teachers would hand this out

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Wish Soc. Stud. teachers would hand this out

when teaching the Constitution and "checks & balances." In any event, I've forwarded it to my local tea party. Maybe we should send it to our Congressmen:

"This is not the same Congress that eventually asserted itself so strongly into the debate over the Vietnam War when I was serving on the battlefield of that war as a Marine infantry officer. It is not the Congress in which I served as a full committee counsel during the Carter administration and the early months following the election of Ronald Reagan. It is not the Congress, fiercely protective of its powers, that I dealt with regularly during the four years I spent as an assistant secretary of defense and as secretary of the navy under Reagan.

From long years of observation and participation it seems undeniable that the decline of congressional influence has affected our national policies in many ways, although obviously not everyone in Congress will agree with this conclusion. As in so many other areas where powers disappear through erosion rather than revolution, many members of Congress do not appreciate the power that they actually hold..."

[It's that steady erosion that former representative Curtis Bowers documented in "Agenda." That's just the way it was supposed to work.]

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