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Comment: As a former "Jew"...

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As a former "Jew"...

I feel compelled to chime in. In all my years on the DP, I may have made some anti-Zionist posts, but I have never explained where I got my perspective. Out of respect for Dr. Paul, I kept my "anti-Semitic" thoughts to myself. But now that this website has little to do with Ron Paul, and he is not running for anything, it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks of me as far as how I represent Ron Paul.

I was born a "Jew", that is, the biological son of Jewish parents, in a New Jersey suburb. Born into the dangerous, powerful, supremecist cult of Judaism. Judaism is not a religion. Religion by its very definition implies a belief in God, but Jews are Godless people. I have known thousands of them in my life, and I've never met one who actually had a belief in any kind of god that they could articulate or express. That fact should be obvious to anyone who is aware of how they have totally corrupted American culture with their violence, profanity, pornography and immorality which they have brought to the mainstream.

I even had a Bar-mitzvah, though I ran away from home that day, and when I was finally found I was dragged kicking and screaming, and late, to the event. It was quite a humiliating experience to be forced to get up on a stage and sing in Hebrew in front of more than 100 Jews. I didn't even understand the first thing about Israel and Palestine at that time, and the horrors which the Jewish people had inflicted on the people whose land they stolen in a genocidal frenzy of bloodlust and murder. I only knew that I considered all the "role models" at the temple to be mean and horrible people.

Escaping a cult is never easy, and I would imagine Judaism is one of the hardest to escape. The indoctrination and brainwashing is so effective, especially when you learn it as a child and know nothing else. More importantly, Jews are such hateful and vengeful people, that it would be virtually impossible to renounce them and still live among them.

I speak from personal knowledge and experience when i say that Jews are greedy, elitist, arrogant, hateful, usurious,racist, litigious, profane, dishonest, immoral, godless troublemakers who destroy everything in their path. I'm not saying that all Jews are all of those things, but the vast majority are most of those things, if not all. Even though they don't believe in God, they somehow believe they are God's "chosen people", and that the rest of humanity is only put here to serve them.

There are some Jews who have made positive contributions to society. For example, I listen to Peter Schiff and watch his videos every day, been doing it for years. I have learned so much from him about economics that I'm probably on the level of someone who's earned a Masters degree. So I do respect him, but it doesn't mean I'd want to hang out with him on a personal basis or go to a seder at the Schiff home.

The Jews have a history of sneaking around the world, infiltrating countries, taking over the media, the banks, the entertainment, and eventually getting control of governments themselves. Historically, the people of the world have become aware of their pernicious influence and driven them out before their countries have become totally depraved and corrupted and destroyed the way the USA is today. The Jews would have you believe that they are the eternal victims of blind hate and prejudice, that they are pure as the driven snow and have never done anything to anyone which might cause someone to dislike them. In reality, the supposed "victims" are the biggest victimizers in the history of the world.

I believe anyone who identifies themselves as a "Jew" is identifying themselves as something which is inherently evil. That's why I ask the question "what is wrong with being 'anti-Semitic'?" The phrase is simply synonomous with 'anti-evil'. I would think that people would be proud to speak out against such a history of supremecism, domination and treachery.

Some might say "how can you condemn a whole group of people like that? Doesn't that make you full of hate yourself?" To the contrary. Jews represent .2 percent of the world's population, or 1 out of every 500 people. So the flip side of hating .2 percent of the world's population is that I have nothing but love, compassion and tolerance for 99.8% of humanity. It's not possible to love Jews and love the rest of humanity. Stated differently, if you love humanity you cannot love Jews, since it is apparently their mission to destroy the "goyim" and the Muslims and create a "Jewish utopia" here on earth, free of everyone else.

Does anyone really believe that this minority, this .2% of the world's population, does not have a level of power in this world which is totally disproportionate to their numbers?

As for the distinction between "Judaism" and "Zionism", I'm aware that some say not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. This is true, and it could be said that a Zionist is one whose stated beliefs are Jewish supremecism and a Jewish homeland. But the broader, global problem is definitely a "Jewish problem". Without Jews, there would be no wars in the Middle East, there would be no systematic destruction of the currency through the Federal Reserve, no culture of abortion, profanity, pornography,psychotropc drugs, violence as entertainment, etc.etc.etc.

Certainly the Jews out there will despise me and call me a "self-hating Jew".
That is how they try to smear or discredit anyone who speaks the truth about them. I laugh and respond by saying that I am not "self-hating", I am in fact "self-loving", and I am not a "Jew", so how then can I be a "self-hating" Jew? And, by the way, is there such thing as a "self-loving" Jew? It seems to be an oxymoron.

Based on all the sentiments expressed above, as well as more evidence which I could go on about in perpetuity, I feel it is not only acceptable, but imperative that those here on the Daily Paul feel free to recognize and name the real enemy facing the United States and the world today. The United States will never escape the dire situation it is in today as long as the majority of people either don't understand who the real enemy is, or if they are too fearful to name and confront them.

For those interested in more of this subject, I highly recommend Mark Glenn's for the most insightful aricles and podcasts on the subject. Go to youtube and listen to any of Mark Glenn or Pastor Mark Dankof's programs.