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Comment: The story of the Jews and Zionism ...

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The story of the Jews and Zionism ...

... although I haven't studied it in detail, I think I have a handle on all the hubub of why so many people are *or seem to be* anti-Jewish.

First off, "Jewish" is either a person who follows the Jewish religion, or a person who has ethnically Jewish ancestors (or both). Zionist, on the other hand, is a person who favors having a nation state called "Israel" and it must be on that particular patch of dirt that was occupied by the Palestinians for many centuries (maps from the early 1940's show it as "Palestine") because this is the area of ancient Israel. It is a religious thing, even for Zionists, only some of whom are Jewish themselves.

Second, if we go back into the Middle Ages, the Christian Church in England declared usury to be against the Christian religion. Today, the same is true in the Islamic world. Back then, it meant that English bankers could not charge interest. So, they had a choice: be a banker OR be a Christian. Back then, you did not choose to be a banker over being a Christian, because Christians had a nasty habit of torturing folks who were non-believers (again, similar to the Islamic teachings today).

It was hard to be a banker if you couldn't charge interest, but the Jewish bankers in England did not have this problem. Consequently, Jews became bankers because nobody else could be. At the time, the English were the richest people in the world, with the biggest empire. This is why the big time bankers (a) came out of England and (b) were Jewish. (Think: Rothschild.)

Since banking came from managing gold, this is why many Jews today have surnames like Goldman, Silverstein, etc.

Third, when Jews emigrated to America, they were similar to other subcultures in that they tended to stick together. We see it today amongst the Mexicans, the Vietnamese, etc. The Jews had a tendency towards higher education (like the modern Asians) and often ended up in banking, law, and accounting -- things related to money or law. Not all Jews, but a disproportionate number. Combine this with a desire to "stick together," and you have a subculture that sometimes appears to be pursuing their own agenda. This not to say ALL Jews are, but no doubt some are.

Fourth, the Jewish Torah is a very important guide in the Jewish religion. In it, there is a prophecy that the people of Israel can only take their "rightful" place in the Middle East AFTER 6 million of them die (for the cause?). This was written hundreds of years ago.

Like any other subculture, there are individuals within it who take this crap seriously. So seriously, that they will try to MAKE it happen if that's what it takes. For this reason, there have been stories of the "Jewish Holocaust" going back well before the 1930's. This is not to say that Hitler was a nice guy. No, he was an asshole, but there have been Jews trying to make the magic 6 million number come true for their own agenda -- before Hitler was even born.

When you really look into it, there is not much evidence that 6 million Jews died anywhere at anytime. But the Torah teaches that it must happen. So, there are Jews today who push this narrative for their own agenda.

All in all, most Jewish people are like any other. They are getting through life and don't have a particular axe to grind. But some do. And those are the ones who cause the problems that other people then "blame on the Jews" -- or "the Zionists."