Comment: not aware of her work but considering she posted it@Truth-Out,

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not aware of her work but considering she posted it@Truth-Out,

I'd assume, politically, she leans on the 'progressive' side.

but if she expresses utter unadulterated unbiased disgust at the direction of our Republic, and the ensuing Ruling Class political pigsty like:

That image symbolizes the perception of the United States’ rogue government from the Bush years, and it has not really improved under Obama’s given the fact that Obama refused to prosecute the Bush-Cheney administration for committing heinous war crimes: lying about evidence that Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction, ordering barbaric torture practices and bragging about how effective the satanic act of torture is when it is anything but, invading a sovereign and civilized nation no different from European nations except that Iraq happened to be in the Middle East and an oil rich country. These are all impeachable offenses under the U.S. Constitution.

Of course, if Obama were to prosecute the Bush-Cheney war criminals, he’d have to include himself—since he has continued to terrorize starving, poor peasants living in clay huts across Afghanistan with drone killings, missiles that explode to pieces remaining houses and shelters; illegal killings that are targeted from computer screens in secret CIA rooms thousands of miles away from Afghanistan in video-game fashion. But the President is the one pulling the trigger, the role model for our society on gun control.

just glad to see that there are still awake, principally consistent people among the Left intelligentsia. Though of course, that still doesn't rule out whether she is personally against guns, which has pretty much become my litmus test for anyone's true understanding of individual freedoms & the State, the Leviathan: if you cannot trust yourself or your fellow man to be armed to defend him/herself, you don't really understand, nor believe in freedoms.

but as is the case with all political issues, I welcome any allies, despite disparate views or proposed solutions; it's a start.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul