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It's clear

that you completely missed my point. Did you read my first comment? I agree with pretty much everything you said. Maybe that's why I wasn't offended by this thread at all. In fact, my husband heard me laughing out loud when I was reading it and came to see what I was laughing at. He found it funny, as well. Like I stated above... I was raised in the church my entire life. However, I actually do not currently attend any church at all. Why? Because hypocrisy pisses me off and I tend to focus on it when I see it. Plus, I now question everything (EVERYTHING) I ever knew to be true, but that's less of a factor.

Personally, I don't think there are any libertarian Christians who try to "force" their "authoritarian zealot stances" on people. That goes against the most basic principles of libertarianism as I understand it, therefore, it is my belief, they can not be both libertarian AND authoritarian. They may claim to be, but they are mistaken.

Now, what I said was that when you are insulted by someone who does not think like you (which I acknowledge that nobody is required to do), it is easy to become defensive. If I were to call you a "ignorant Godless sinner" because you do not think like me it would make you angry (as your above comment shows) because you have the right to believe what you want to. Likewise, if you call a Christian a "delusional hypoctical bigot" who likes to "brainwash" people (which BTW is a collectivist way of thinking), it will also make them angry because they too have the freedom to believe what they want to.

Regardless of WHO is insulting who... you're not going to make many friends that way. It's childish and it needs to stop. We aren't ever going to be able to get past these differences and make changes to the path this country is on if we are constantly arguing about who is right on this issue. Bottom line is IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO IS RIGHT. It's a moot point, and if we do not get passed this and unite to accomplish our ultimate goal, which is liberty, then we are guaranteed to have tyrrany.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie