Comment: My Family is Jewish. Read before downvoting

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My Family is Jewish. Read before downvoting

It's not that I disagree that people at the top of the "Zionist Movement" are dangling the strings. I absolutely agree with that. The problem is, what Zionism is today, is not what the average Jewish person who believes in Zionism wants.

Let me put it another way. It's like the American financial system. Can you really call it capitalism or free market? Hell no. But people call it that anyway and so free market supporters get a bad rap for it. Similar to Zionism, the average Israeli that believes in "Zionism" simply wants self-determination. But assholes at the top have hijacked the movement into what it is today.

They say the effects of alcoholism takes 7 generations to finally get out of your family. How many generations does it take to get multiple enslavements, dislocations, and a holocaust out of a group of people? Will those effects ever be erased?

I would like to point out, that anyone who supports state secession from the US, should also support secession by Israelis OR Palestinians. The reality is, both groups have a history of denying the other this. I don't take sides, let them work their own shit out.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict so much more complicated than one group abusing the other. In truth, they have both abused the other. I hope that someday, just like in Ireland, mothers will march the street and say "enough is enough."

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"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul