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My recommendations:

For the PC, the best client out there is "Armory". Armory is a little different because it's (currently) an "add-on" for the Bitcoin-Qt client (which you must have installed and running). What I like about it is that it has built-in encryption and tools to help create a cold-storage wallet. It's a little more tricky to set up, but I foresee its feature-set as being the standard in Bitcoin clients going forward.

(Unfortunately, there aren't any clients for the Mac that are as advanced as Armory. In fact, I think you'll have to encrypt by hand, and decrypt every time you run the program. See for more details. Warning: It's technical.)

For my "cash", I use It is, hands-down, the easiest to use web wallet. It even has "human error" features like password recovery... something we all need every once in a while. ;)