Comment: Here is what the city is telling us:

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Here is what the city is telling us:

"Even if the intention was serious, the threat analysis consensus is that North Korea is nowhere near having a working nuclear missile system, never mind one that could reach Texas. There have been two major underground explosions that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has claimed are successful nuclear weapons tests, and there is speculation that they are working on a hydrogen bomb. However, the nation lacks the delivery systems. While the nation is banned by international sanctions from working on ballistic weaponry since the second underground test, they have tested missiles with a 300 mile range in the South China Sea. However, they lack intercontinental technology (either the missiles, or the payload small enough to fit on one) and with their long-time sponsor China increasingly disinterested in propping up their unstable proxy, it seems unlikely that the threats will mean missiles over Barton Springs any time soon. "