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I wasn't actually responding

I wasn't actually responding to your post.

When I say things that sound insulting, you might note that im directing them at those who try to get laws passed to force their morality on others. If you're not one of those, then its not directed at you. If you are, you deserve it.

I would love to think that there are no libertarian christians who think this way, but you'd be mistaken sadly. I recently got into it with one of the greatest libertarian activists I know because he voted against the gay marriage bill in our state. You're of course right, it "does" go against everything we politically believe.

I agree you can't be a libertarian and an authoritarian at the same time, though I think you can pretend to be one or the other with a lot of success through your life. Infact you could even believe in "earthly" individualism, however a man may not serve two masters and you must ask yourself: Is god a president who derives his rights from the people, or is he a king who gives and takes rights from his serfs as he pleases? Does he respect your right to prviacy? What happens to you if you don't worship him?

When push comes to shove, you "must" believe god is perfect, and thus monarchy is the best form of government so long as you have a perfect ruler, since heaven is setup as a monarchy, not a individualist republic. Just symantics really, but I believe when we teach our children to believe in such things, such as supernatural things, authrority figures we must obey without question and collectivist systems of government, we are preparing their minds to default back to Collectivism as their default state of organizing themselves. Religeon is one of those societal control mechanisms that insures the elites stay in power. It reinforces our "belief" in authority.