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Isn't that amazing that in

Isn't that amazing that in Israel there are so many parties, yet here in the United States any party other than the R's and D's has NO chance whatsoever. Those other parties that try to run here in the United States receive no media coverage, therefore they have no exposure, no chance for success. The media simply won't allow them airtime, the people never hear about their choices, unless of course its to give negative coverage on rare occasions, such as for Ron Paul.

And what a coincidence, 96% of the worlds media is controlled by Zionist interest. Imagine that, an estimated 15 million Jews in the world, some who are orthodox Jews (non zionist), out of a world population of ~7 billion. That makes this a tiny portion of the world's population, that controls virtually all that we learn about the political processes in the world. Something about that doesn't smell too kosher...

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