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As Edith Keeler said, a lie is a very poor way to say hello.

And as a friend of mine said,

In the Scriptures, our Father has given us fully accurate and dependable (though not exhaustive, as is His Divine omniSCIENCE), inspired truth about the origin of the heavens, our Earth, our race, and many other things.

I am not "anti-science". Rather, I appreciate our God given ability to enjoy and benefit from it. Science is a fine gift from God…

However, we Christians must allow God's revelation to us, (the Lord Jesus Christ, the living Word, being the beginning, end, and focus of all that revelation) to be our "top dog" in every category of our thoughts and pursuits.

If the Bible and its doctrines about the Triune, sovereign Creator/Redeemer and His works is not ultimately the foundation for marriage and mathematics, biology and beer brewing, painting and preaching, writing symphonies and writing traffic tickets, doing auto mechanics and doing surgery -- or any other human endeavor -- then the one engaging in those things has some "other" ultimate foundation, i.e. some other ultimate epistemological (and religious) reference point - which is essentially idolatrous. No other gods before Him...the true God first in everything!

Again, there is no god-like entity called "Science," there are only men who should realize that however much knowledge (science) they have, they know precious little. "Cursed is the one who trusts in man", says Jeremiah the prophet.

[someone asked the question: why were we given a mind and an intellect?]

"That we might use them to the glory of God" is my general answer. To engage in believing scientific enterprises wherein the scientist starts with His word as the lamp unto his or her investigating feet, is one specific way to go about that. What great liberty God has given us to fulfill the grand purpose for our existence!

Start with the Bible and have powerful light from on high to do science. Start with the idea… that proud science need not even "inquire of the LORD", and one is already in the darkness.

And unlike science books, "The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever." Isaiah 40:8

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul