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Comment: My Love for the Liberty . . .

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My Love for the Liberty . . .

. . .People is we have the largest tent by definition. But a funny thing happens on the way to a philosophy of Liberty, for which I believe Ron Paul is a great champion, is that people stop existing in groups.

Or you'd think.

Because being sovereign individuals, and desiring the same for all others puts us in a little spot with regards to groups--By definition, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN GROUPS.

Grouping is evil, and, by definition, exclusive, alienating, and divisive. It's rather paradoxical, in that the very act of rallying together as some sort of group, we set that group apart from the rest of the people.

I want to be part of the group that is trying to abolish the idea of grouping out of principle. It is the same evil as we rail against when it comes to race, gender, class, religion, culture. . .the tragedy of being able to be so callously herded into Left vs. Right or whatever.

I consider all discussions that begin with a divisive, unprincipled division of We the People, to be harmful to the task at hand, which is to secure and protect liberty for ourselves and our posterity, and for me that means for EVERYONE ON THE FREAKING PLANET.

This is done with Love. Encourage those who are against you to divide and group themselves however they'd like, and to come back when they are ready to love Even and Especially their Enemies.

blah-blah-blah-ism never was Love. To give any energy to the race/religion/party/gender games is total, fawning bliss for the enemy. If you don't want the Devil to whip your @ss, don't get in the ring with him.

It's classic forum disruption that is carried out systematically against targets like the DP. Whether or not any of this noise is deliberate or not makes no difference. If I were an enemy of those crazy libertarian-types, I'd be trying to paint them as anti-semite, anti-poor, racist, etc. Then I'd try to provoke and cultivate any marginal remnants of this sick sort of thinking, and, in the process, creating a nice record of how sick in the head certain accounts on the DP seem to be, and perhaps even provoking anger and name-calling and general ugliness.

It's obvious enough that these sorts of discussions are allowed here which proves the point that these things can be openly discussed, but that we don't have anything to prove about that anymore and can get back to the Love part of this revolution.

Love Always Wins. . .but we have to keep practicing!