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Comment: Definitions

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Define: Jew, Jewish, Yiddish

Before you can argue a point, you have to define the terms being used. Definitions of terms can vary based on time, place, and the individual's understanding.

A person is a 'Jew' or 'Jewish' if they fall into ANY ONE of the following categories:

1. They practice the religion of Judaism regardless of culture or ethnicity.

2. They have an ancestral lineage dating back to an ancient people who populated an area of modern day Palestine between the 6th century BC and the first century AD.

3. They are have Jewish ethnicity or culture.

Any individual may therefore voluntarily consider themselves a Jew is they accept #1 or #3, regardless of issues or ancestry. Likewise, an ancestral Jew can not voluntarily stop being a Jew since it is an ancestral identifier. There are many ancestral Jews who are not culturally or ethnically Jewish nor do they practice Judaism as a religion.

Now, if you were in Nazi Germany and you were an ethnic German who was a voluntary Jew (but not an ancestral Jew), you could simply renounce the faith and/or culture and be accepted by your fellow Germans. If you were an ancestral Jew, it didn't matter what your religion was... you were seen as Jewish.

No individual can pre-select their ancestry before being born, to my knowledge.

The typical definition of a Zionist is simply an ancestral Jew nationalist.

Nationalism is the belief that a group of people sharing some type of common ancestry deserves their own land to the exclusion of other people.

Nationalism is a form of group-think and is always anti-liberty.

Deciding that people who may or may not have voluntarily chosen an identifier of 'Jew' and that such people could be any race, ethnicity, or religion... how could they all possibly share some cookie cutter bunch of negative attributes?

The collective IQ of this forum is suffering from the attempts of some ignorant people to make it into the new Storm Front.