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Your first statement is that you are anti-Israel, which means your anti-Israeli. Why would you be anti-an-entire-people?.....unless you're a bigot?

And your second statement, pertaining to your God...if god gave you your rights then you don't have any, since invisible non-existent entities can't grant rights.

3rd statement.....Israel is full of jews, the country is run by jews, so if your anti-Israel, your anti-jewish, or, at least, all the jews in Israel. You can be against the policies; but not the people....unless you're a bigot.

5th statement...remove your lips from Dr. Paul's butt please, try harder, I'm sure you can find other disagreements...Is he your Shepard and are you one of his sheep?

6th statement...good, I hope you stay.

7th statement....I think everyone here did.

8th statement....yep.

9th statement....How many assholes we got on this ship?

Down voting...I like being down voted, I don't need everyone's support, just their opinions for discussion.

The word your looking for is "wish"

Lastly, I said you needed an education past Libertarianism.