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Comment: Liberty's Demands

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Liberty's Demands

Liberty begins in the mind. If there is no understanding of what it truly means to be a free person, then the process of liberation may not continue to unfold.

Once a person begins to consider themselves a free individual and truly understands what that means, there are manifest consequences in that person's life.

They view themselves differently. They view other people differently. They understand that they must assert their individual rights. They understand this depends on defending the rights of others... even those with very different tastes.

A free person strives for individual excellence and virtue. There is no greater hero in the eyes of the free person then themselves. There may be role models, but the free person also strives to be a role model for others.

A free person is highly responsible. They take matters into their own hands. They are unafraid to act decisively within the limits imposed on them by the requirement that their peers also maintain such freedom. They just get it done.

A free person does not make any claims based on the accident of their birth. They do not think themselves better or worse for the ancestry or ancestral lineages they may have or not have. A free person is their own sovereign and they respect other individuals as their own sovereigns. Only one who seeks to subvert the power of other individuals for themselves would think like a tyrannical monarch of old... who claims all for their own family or tribe.

One of the great liberating ideas manifest for so long in the USA was that it didn't matter who your father was. It mattered what you could do.

What type of person makes their primary identity one deriving from an accident of birth? An individual who is not free in their mind. They therefore have not allowed themselves to follow a path of responsibility, excellence, and virtue. They deny these things to others as well. They do not recognize any inherent rights. They do not play the game of peaceful transfer of power or the rule of law as we understand it... to protect the individual.