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Strawmen very likely

I believe these "news" or leaks are very convenient strawmen for the ObaMARX administration.

Like Michael said earlier (comment below) I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn about a CIA-originated PSY OP or scheme in place for years if not decades... As for the North Korean people, them poor LITERALLY ENSLAVED folks are very real ... and 99.99% chances are that millions of them are LITERALLY STARVING - when they are not used as slavery commodities UNTIL DEATH by Dear Big State in its CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Curious to get familiar with North Korean's "democratic values"? Help yourself :

Here Are The Fundamental Rights Of Citizens Of The Democratic People's Republic Of North Korea

I would also bet that the U.S. sanctions against Iran and a few others are probably 5 or 10 times fold as the ones officially "advertised" against North Korea.

Anywhere, anyhow ... Communism NEEDS NOBODY'S help or harm to starve its victims ... BY THE MILLIONS.


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