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^^^ I think she is right.

^^^ I think she is right.

Occasional profanity put aside, the Daily Paul ranks probably among THE SAFEST place for kids or young adults on this web. Intellectually and morally speaking.

Know why? Well, guess what...

Just try to find me, EITHER :

1) web sites where there is NO heavy mind programming going on


2) web sites where people ARE NOT heavily mind programmed, ALREADY

Just try. I promise you : it's not THAT EASY to find.

Meanwhile ... we people on here on the Daily Paul ARGUE ALL THE TIME with each other, agreeing only a handful of core values (if not even less) - mostly around "freedom" or the founding texts, duh.

We really are the remnants - still able to be thinking as individuals - here, sadly.


And Thank You, Michael Nystrom.

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