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There is a plethora of

There is a plethora of concrete evidence that Zionism goes far beyond the borders of Israel. Israel was its beginning, but not its end.
I have nothing against Socialist, everyone has their right to the kind of government they want to live under. It is that they desire and do force they entire population to live under their rules, even those who have no desire to live by that system.

And that is why I do not vote, I do not participate in this system. The "Liberals" want to enact law on EVERYONE to force those who do not desire socialism along with those who do. They have no right to do such. And the "Conservatives" want to COMPLETELY eliminate socialism from society, but they too have no right to tell those who WANT socialism that they cannot have it. This "democracy" at its very heart creates a people divided amongst themselves, on one side is the majority and the minority on the other. In a democracy there is ALWAYS this division amongst the population.

Zionism is pro democracy and it has a goal of "making the world safe for democracy", I do not support it.

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