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I didn't read all the

I didn't read all the comments here, but I read a little past Liberty Forever's comment, a keen comment. I'm wondering if I'm the only person who sees this interview (which is elsewhere on the DP) as genius on Rand's part and Wallace's.

Rand's, because he didn't shake his head affirmatively and, especially, negatively while Wallace was trying to brand him. Rand listened and listened then spoke his piece. And he spoke it smooooothly, I recall. He was RP-esque, using the left-right paradigm against itself to discuss this issue in the right-wrong light, the moral light.

Wallace, well, he handed video fodder to us to show well meaning democrats that Rand's in their corner on this issue, this issue being how all issues are, nonpartisan and sensical.

Dems and Repubs are unitiiiiiing. :)

*Whistles happily* RP being RP.

EDIT: galenrog, a few commentators below, noticed Rand discarded the left-right paradigm. His comment has a few up arrows, too. He and I aren't the only ones who saw Rand roll over the falsehood.

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