Comment: Since the internet isn't censored

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Since the internet isn't censored

You might want to spoonfeed him stuff you print out. I found a lot of garbage when I was younger. Also find websites which have no garbage - they're mostly oldschool HTML sites. Have him read books more than use the internet. I'm thinking this for young teens. Yet, as he grows, use your discretion, most websites adults go on should be ok for him to check out. In the medieval ages, I remember reading something like that children were viewed as being "mini-adults". That is to say, they could do everything adults do, just less perfectly. So, I remember feeling maybe at age 16 I could read just about anything adults could. You probably saw that news story recently on the 15 year old who developed the pancreatic cancer test? Young people are capable. Let's teach them to be adults, earlier. He can read adult stuff, hold him to a higher standard. Have him ask questions or google terms he doesn't understand. This is my incomplete analysis of the situation. I remember growing up feeling I was pretty mature at young age from good private schooling. Ben Swann got his master's when he was 16. The future will probably have smarter, wiser kids at younger ages - if we can make it to the future.

"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn